Monday, June 30, 2014

Golf after work...

Eh I've been gone a while. Wife has me on this "lifestyle change" diet. Paleo something-or-other. Food is good, but damn it's a lot of work. Between that and working 15 and 16 hour days all week it's getting that there's no time for the fun stuff anymore! That makes me sad!
Golf is a tough sport. It's not just mentally and physically tough but it's just tough to find enough time to play the darn game!   Most courses say 4 hours and 20 minutes is the pace of play.  That would be killer if it were true.  We all know that it's closer to 5 or 6 hours on a busy day when the place is packed with groups of Tiger Woods wannabes and weekenders that are lucky they manufacture enough balls for them to play golf.   It eats up my weekends and my wife doesn't like it. Not one bit, no she doesn't.  So what did I do? I started looking around and found a bunch of little known leagues in the area. After work, 5pm tee off 9 hole leagues.  Most with monetary prizes (wringing hands), oh yea! I'm working late most of the week anyway, and with my schedule there's really no heads-up to be had about when this is going to happen so we almost never  plan anything for weekday nights. Just eat dinner whenever is convenient and catch some netflix, so that left me perfectly open for a league night.  It allows me to play golf, competitively, for 9 holes against a group of others.  It really is the perfect scenario.  It's cheap too, usually $10 to $15 including the prizes.  My league of choice is right down from the office at Four Seasons Golf Course.  It's Tuesdays at 5pm and called "Our League".  Works just fine for me. 9 holes of Callaway scoring and it really helps improve my game both on the mental side and the physical.

To be short and sweet about it, if you find yourself with little to no time during the weekend to play a full round, I suggest trying this little trick.  Call up your favorite courses or check their websites for small leagues. There's often no charge to join up and you can play as much or as little as you care to. There's always time for 9, and sometimes that's just enough to put you in your place with this stupid game. You might actually find yourself having more fun and meeting some cool people in the process!

From the film "Caddyshack"  (1980)

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