Thursday, February 19, 2015

Player, please... my sh*t is custom....

Too much, maybe?  Nahh
Let's face it. When talking about gear, golfers LOVE to customize their stuff. Gloves, clothes, hats, and shoes are all about standing out on the course and showing your own personal style.

 The problem with gear is that there's not a whole lot of diversity out there. Your BrandX driver looks like everyone else's - you know - except for that sky mark maybe. If you want to have something customized - you've got to find a talented painter who will strip it, prime it, paint it, and seal it for you. Then you have it for a while - until it's scratched or something new comes out and you want THAT one instead. You MIGHT luck out in selling it to an individual with your same taste in art, but the likelihood that you'll be sitting on it a while is pretty high.

I like unique as much as the next guy, so The Club Nut has started carrying two new custom companies that provide some flair to your existing equipment.
First, there's  One guess what they do? Camo Golf has a partnership with RealTree to provide serious gear for the outdoor enthusiast. Most people will enjoy the Realtree Grips, but they also offer the popular UST Proforce V5 in camo, as well as a few of our favorite premium driver heads. Check out their full selection and retail pricing at and then get a quote for a custom build or re-grip using their components using our component/install pricing.
If camo isn't your thing, maybe you're a steampunk type of person, or maybe Argyle? will make your driver, 3 wood, or hybrid into a work of art with custom graphics that are truly wicked. The best part of it is that it can happen fast and it's completely removable, so when you're ready to upgrade your equipment you can remove it and expose the original finish, unharmed, beneath it.  Just ship your club to one of the certified installers (or stop in if they're near you) and they place it same day and put it right back in the mail. The Club Nut will be a certified installer this season so if you're local, check out the ClubCrown section of our site and see if we have what you like. If we don't, we'll get it just ask! They even have collegiate logos!   Clubcrown also has a budget, self-install line called  They cover only an "aim stripe" area but retain the graphical customization. I think I fancy the full crown because on top of the style points, it will be an added layer of protection for the crown of your big dog.

Remember, too that we also offer components from Maltby, Hireko, and Bombtech to provide you with the most options and highest performing equipment for your dollar. It really is cool that some manufacturers are so into the customization and style of clubs. I think my favorite is one designed for ladies by iBella - the obsession series. An entire line to show off your glitz and glamour. High style and high performance geared specifically toward women..... and yes, Batgirl, it does come in black.

Contact us to get your custom build quote. Remember, with our custom build fee The Club Nut checks spine and oscillation before assembling our clubs to make sure performance is maximized for each club Depending on the manufacturer's tolerances on components, shaft graphics may not perfectly align. We will match assembly prices for manufacturers sites for Basic Assembly only.