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To start out, I'm neither a cigar reviewer nor a professional golfer. I'm a guy who knows what he likes and likes what he does. I decided to start a blog because I have a perspicacious view of the world in general and I just have to get my thoughts on paper.  The blog is Cigars and Golf. Those are two of my MOST favorite things. Couple that with scotch/ bourbon and video games and - well - you'll never shut me up. I'm the kind of person that takes the time to do everything he can to be the best that he can be at any given task. When I was a janitor making minimum wage I wasn't pissed, I found new and better ways to do what I was tasked to do and when my co-workers were slacking I let them know about it.  My mantra is: If you don't like where you are, do something to improve the situation - don't bitch about it and don't slack off. That being said, I don't like the reviews I read. Where are the pages for the simple man?  The guy that likes what he likes not because he has superb powers of reckoning or a golf swing that allows him to be a human swing weight calculator but because he truly enjoys it. It's not status, it's just fun.

So about the cigars and golf - like I said - I'm not a reviewer.  I don't possess an incredible palette or nose for fine cigars. I don't have a picture perfect solid-contact-every-time swing. I don't get paid to review things and I don't get cigars or equipment for free.  I DO know what I like, however cheap it may be. I've had $1.00 cigars beat out $15 boutique blends - probably because like a lot of cigar smokers I DON'T have those super refined senses. It doesn't kill my enjoyment but it does make mainstream reviews appear as more smoke than fire. If you're an average Joe who likes golf and cigars and reading about adventures and mis-adventures maybe this is the blog for you. If not, read it anyway and realize that you've probably got a much better vocabulary and should start your own blog.

My rating scale is always out of 10.  I try to explain everything on each review.

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