Saturday, December 13, 2014

Shop's OPEN!!! Woooo!

Well, I've been absent for a number of weeks now. I've just been finalizing all the trim for the workshop. Officially OPEN!!   Yea that's right, The Club Nut is open for business -- until the men in the white coats take me away.

With that, guess what wandered into the shop?

For starters,   this  and  this.   But then there's also THIS BABY:

Oh yea, that's right. Krank golf in the house at TCN.  If you're interested in getting your hands on a custom Krank Driver, hit me up at The Club Nut and we'll design you up a Formula 5 head on whatever shaft and grip combo you want, build it to your length, and swing weight specs and whatever tweaks you may need. Get your hands on THE hottest driver coming. There's a reason the long drivers use these things. The technology is out of this world. Fully Forged head, a wicked paint job, and super power.

That's it for now, back to paperwork and getting things rolling and getting some more orders in. See you at the Nut! I'll be back here with my normal cigar and golf reviews soon. It's the off-season so more cigars and booze than golf in the northeast, unfortunately.  It is what it is.