Friday, July 18, 2014

A whole new game

So my wife had me on this "Paleo Living" diet.  Basically meat and vegetables.  The major rules were:

No dairy
No beans (green beans are OK, No peanuts)
No/Low Carbs (No white/red potatoes, No pasta, No bread etc)
No nitrates or nastiness (Basically, if the ingredients aren't spices and whatever you're buying, you can't have it.


I could, however, keep my cigars - which I did.... but more on that in another post. 30 days. 'Nough said. I made it through and found that the crap I buy most of the time is really junk food in a healthy disguise.  So much crap did I NOT eat, that I lost 13 lbs and 3 inches on the waist.  I also GAINED about 3mph on my clubhead speed thanks to some increased flexibility.  I would recommend this to anyone. Seriously, it's just a lifestyle change, not a "diet" in any sense of the word. I was eating steak and eggs for breakfast whenever I wanted. Pork chops and sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts. I did not go hungry. Just as an aside, check out some of these photos of the food we made and ask me if there was ever a time I was hungry or had to "choke down" nasty flavorless diet food:
fish, kale chips and sweet potato fries
Spaghetti squash, homemade marinara, pork meatballs
home made baked chicken fingers, mashed
carrots and turnips, roasted brussels sprouts

I digress -  just a little bit of a tangent. Still, this recent rejuvenation of health and reduction in waistline has not just helped me to fit back into my Royal & Awesome golf shorts, but it's also given my game a complete overhaul even after my back issues. I'm able to swing faster, walk farther, and generally just play better (minus putting) thanks to this little change and I think i'm going to stick with it.  Drink on the weekends but be mindful of my eating habits and see where it gets me. I haven't been under 180lbs in quite some time. Feels good and at least I don't have to buy any more clothes!

Up Next:  Review of Callaway SR3 Golf ball.

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